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Saturday, April 21, 2012

So imagine a HUGE 70s retro owl...then imagine it with a huge white shade on top....make it into a lamp & this is what I found today...for 3 bucks!!yes THREE!! I am totally taking it to the shop and its gonna rock....its gawdy & completely amazing... I will get a picture for you sometime soon:) It's actually on my instagram..if you have it...check it out retroromance88 xoxo Kris

More shoes for the shop....xoxo

Friday, April 20, 2012

The SHOE obsession...

I dont know about you...but I may have too many shoes...BUT when you neeeed them for the right outfit...AND you find them at super great prices..there is no shame...I am always giving some away...collecting more...the cycle is beautiful! :) xoxo find these on Etsy...


I apologize for the LONGEST pause EVERRRR....I do love you!!! Been super busy running both shops..... I hired a LOVELY assistant can find her blog HERE!! well, how are things?? I will say I love what I do more and more each day!! ...also instagram is my new obsession ...I am Retroromance88 xoxo Kris