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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I am no longer defined by the wreckage behind.
I needed this song today...for too long I have listened to the voice of lies.
I choose to listen to the truth...and that is how God sees me. I am worthy of all good things.
I am worthy of true love and joy. My past doesn't define me. The wreckage behind doesn't define me.
My future is what I choose to make it...and I choose Gods plan for me...and all the joys that come with following Him. There is no peace like the peace of God....and man, I should know.
I am happy to call myself a follower of Christ.... the One who loves most. The One who only wants our trust.
I am choosing to raise my hands in surrender and let go of all I have held on to. My life is His. I belong to Him and He will carry me...He will never leave me.
I am a blessed woman!
xoxo Kristin