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Saturday, September 24, 2011

A sneak peek of a few goodies coming to Etsy this week!!! xoxo

The Brandi Carlile

"All of my friends who think that I am blessed....they dont know my head is a mess... They dont know who I really am and what I have been through, like you do....I was made for you"

i love love love her music...a.m.a.z.i.n.g

ps-check out her song "Hallelujah"

xoxo Kristin

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A few things coming soon to Etsy ;) xoxo

the kids like to help me when i am out taking my photos...they were running around and excited about the choc chip peanut butter cookies in the oven...waiting patiently for mommy to finish. its been a busy, fun week. Adelie had ballet & tap...a field trip to the Fire Department that i went on...a photo shoot with TONS of new dresses for etsy ;) (coming soon!!) also about 100 new dresses/skirts/coats coming to local shop THIS Friday that i finally got all priced and ready to go!! :))) a BIG shopping trip for the shop next Friday & Adelie is coming with me this time!! life is full and blessed & i am enjoying each and every moment God is giving me...after this picture, the cookies were coming out of the oven, we made a little package for our neighbor who is an older man who gets around the best he can...the kids took him the cookies and gave him hugs. it made my heart happy:)
xoxo Kris

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shoes on Etsy Right Now ;) xoxo

HI!! :)
how are you?? here are some shoes newly listed on Etsy!!! i am so excited about all the business i am getting and all the friends i am making. through online and at the local shop. Mary Baldwin College girls have arrived and are having a blast and i am too!!! I LOVE what i do and cannot say it enough. i lose sleep over this!!! i journal every chance i mind never sleeps!! what are your passions?? what keeps your mind racing when you should be asleep?? i would love to know!!

xoxo Kristin

Monday, September 12, 2011

Dream A Little Dream Photography Heather Underwood

all photos taken by Dream A Little Dream Photography... arent they great?
this is actually me in the middle pic...with my combat boots in the other. Heather is currently trying to start up a party planning business along with her photography business....these are some pics to get the site started:))
I had a lot of fun dressing up in a vintage wedding dress...running and jumping in downtown Staunton and making a fool of myself:) it was great!

xoxo Kristin

Inspiration Sandwich by Sark

Stay loose. Learn to watch snails. plant impossible gardens.

invite someone dangerous to tea. make little signs that say yes!

and post them all over your house. look forward to dreams.

make friends with freedom & uncertainty. cry during movies.

swing as high as you can on a swing set, by moonlight.

cultivate moods. refuse to “be responsible.” do it for love.

take lots of naps. give money away. do it now.

the money will follow. believe in magic.

laugh a lot. celebrate every gorgeous moment.

take moonbaths.

have wild imaginings, transformative dreams, and perfect calm.

draw on the walls. read everyday.

imagine yourself magic. giggle with children.

listen to old people.

open up. dive in. be free.

bless yourself. drive away fear.

play with everything.

entertain your inner child.

you are a fort with blankets.

get wet. hug trees.

write love letters…

Friday, September 9, 2011

Adele Someone like you

if you havent heard her music yet, you will love it. i cant get enough! also check out "Rolling in the Deep" ....this song is on repeat today:))
my birthday is tomorrow (the big 26) of course i have been celebrating all week....Melting Pot, shopping at Anthro and Urban O...some free dinners (my fav)...tonight is BDubz & bowling...tomorrow is family day in Cville ..(rev soup of course)...and date night tomorrow night! yes, its been quite the week:)

xoxo Kristin

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dresses!!!! All newly listed on Etsy ....xoxo

some lovely pieces...from 50s- 70s!!

xoxo, K

hey!! how are you today????
are you having a good Labor Day weekend????

i hope so!!
Just so you things coming to Staunton Shop TOMORROW:)) a dozen vintage purses....lots of dresses (new and old)....and LOTS of vintage shoes from the 60s and 70s!!
very excited!!! things coming to online Etsy shop this stay tuned:)

have a GREAT day!!
God is good, ya know?!!!
xoxo Kristin

ps- this AWESOME sign was found at Hownowdesign