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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the kids like to help me when i am out taking my photos...they were running around and excited about the choc chip peanut butter cookies in the oven...waiting patiently for mommy to finish. its been a busy, fun week. Adelie had ballet & tap...a field trip to the Fire Department that i went on...a photo shoot with TONS of new dresses for etsy ;) (coming soon!!) also about 100 new dresses/skirts/coats coming to local shop THIS Friday that i finally got all priced and ready to go!! :))) a BIG shopping trip for the shop next Friday & Adelie is coming with me this time!! life is full and blessed & i am enjoying each and every moment God is giving me...after this picture, the cookies were coming out of the oven, we made a little package for our neighbor who is an older man who gets around the best he can...the kids took him the cookies and gave him hugs. it made my heart happy:)
xoxo Kris

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