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Friday, June 25, 2010

the shop frenzy..also ashleigh going through clothes for the shop...of course she ended up buying some:)


  1. Hey love! I so do that! Actually just yesterday I took 3 humongous trash bags back to salvation. I just get sick of having the stuff laying around, and if I haven't gotten around to putting up in the shop I just give it back. It ends up being things that I bought that I actually don't really like that much. That would be SO much fun to trade! It might be a better idea (just because I consider the stuff I take back to salvation "shit stuff") if I hold on to 2-3 "cute finds" and send you a package every other week. So like twice a month you'd get some cute stuff :) that I'd think you wear. Whatcha think?? I love getting mail :)

  2. and if the stuff we send each other doesn't fit right or whatever (although I want your dress size, shoe size)we can always just put it up in our shops. i think we have very similar taste though, since everything in your blog i love!