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Monday, January 10, 2011

the TRIP!!!! :)))

at 5 a.m friday morning i woke up and got ready as fast as possible to leave at 6 am. there were about 10 places i needed to go to find more goodies for the shop. alllll day of searching and handpicking each thing was fun and tiring, it is monday and i am still beat!:) well feb 1st we are adding more space to the shop in downtown staunton...i am searching for more clothes racks and just getting excited!!! i love moving forward, but who doesnt?! haha. etsy is doing well and i am meeting alot of people worldwide who are amazingly cool! my office floor is piled over with amazing things...vintage dresses and shoes and umbrellas and suitcases...and of course, at the shop i also do new clothing like j.crew, banana republic, ann taylor, chinese laundry, vera wang..etc etc...anyways...i am thrilled. i also have a vintage wedding dress coming!! so stay tuned, every week and sometimes everyday new things are added to the shop and etsy. i love this and i am so thankful to you who support me. Many Thanks!

xoxoxo, Kristin :)