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Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Blue Hair...

hey ya'll!! sorry i havent written in over a week!! crazy week last week!! summer is fun & super busy!! well, i threw a BIG ol birthday bash for Jake (27) and Grady (3) was AWESOME! lots of wonderful people, good music...i baked & had a ball....nutella cookies...cake pops....yummy punch, cuc & mozerella wraps, etc! it was a blast! plus people brought food! my best friend Heather Underwood made a ninja turtle cake (my boys love some ninja turtles)..everyone ate that one and left mine alone...and i dont blame them was adorable!!!

oh.. about the blue hair?!! ...i have wanted to dye it blue since high school & thought..why not?!! i went for it and guess what??! i LIKE it!!! it is so fun! this town needs a little more "outside the box" thinking anyways:)
i aim to please!


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