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Friday, October 7, 2011

heyyyy!! its been so long!! so sorry!! wow! what a week...well, what a couple of weeks!! its been fun and i am so excited about fall!!! we are remodeling our yard and our dining room, living room & kids rooms! yes, all at once. i am a little crazy like that!! dining room is done almost...all walls are bright yellow, with my new blue 50s table...also with Andy Warhol art work. living room now has a huge, soft olive green shag rug....and we are painting it peach! kids rooms are next...painting Adelies room bubble gum pink tomorrow:) then Gradys will be a deep, warm blue!! :)))
i love it. bathroom is allll done too. all tiled up and all new goodies in there. i love my new fountain faucet too ;) its all about the little things, ya know:) anyways, i am beyond blessed. God is SO good, ya'll!!! shop is stocked! just brought in 100 lovely dresses ....also etsy dresses coming this week!!! tonight, i spent relaxing with my best friend Heather ...we drank wine and ate peanut butter oatmeal choc chip cookies that we made!! its nice to have someone you can be totally yourself around without them judging you! thats her!
oh and if i havent mentioned it, i am LOVING fall!!!

xoxo Kristin