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Friday, February 4, 2011

I watched a documentary last night called Surfwise about this family with 9 kids who lived to surf and lived to tell the tale of how they made it in this 24 foot camper their whole life. so inspiring, so extreme. i loved it. i always feel out of place in alot of places...with my mind and all my dreams. sometimes i feel crazy...most people around me are ok with average life living and that's ok, but it's not for me. i dont want boundaries or fear or to live in a box. i wanna go for it. live...and then tell the tale...i want my kids to be fearless and know they can do anything... to see people as equal and treat all people with love and respect. we are all equal, ya know. i love different cultures and being around people who grew up completely different from me. it is inspiring. and sometimes those people will let you in there life and it changes you forever. i want to be the person who lets anyone in with no fear and to live my life with no regret. i get frustrated by the pettiness of people around me, but then i just have to let it go and see the beauty in all things God created. He created this beautiful place with beautiful people all for me to explore.
I also watched recently the movie called Nowhere Boy about John Lennon & his teenage years. I am so into those types of movies. It changes you each time you see one. You feel more comfortable in your own skin and you feel more understood. People amaze me. and i realize the people who make a difference are those who let go of their petty ways and see others around them as equal. spreading love and peace is exactly what we are made to do. i only hope i can achieve this on a daily basis.
tomorrow Jake and i are going to DC with our church to take bags of goods to the homeless. the thing is, is that those people are JUST like me and you. they may have made a few mistakes or even been given a bad hand, but they are the same as me. how often do i stop when someone is holding a sign and give them money? its not my place to judge what they do with it. its my right as a human to love them no matter what. we have to change our thinking. i am excited and a little nervous and uncomfortable about tomorrow. i dont know what will happen but i am honored to go.
Jake & I are always dreaming of moving to the beach. live near a city and a downtown ...he can surf with the kids and be beach bums and i can have my vintage dream since i was a kid. the only thing i can ever remember ever wanting to do is to have my own shop (which i am LOVING having one here in Stauton)... there have been people to inspire me along the way (some not so friendly)..others are now wonderful friends and i cherish's an honor to be around people who do what i do and to help each other...also its fun and rewarding. thank you to Cheryl, Nicole and guys have changed my life in all those little ways:)
Heather Underwood...what can i say about her...she is the most inspiring person i have ever been around. she is a total dreamer and we both are nuts. i dont feel so out of place around her. i feel right where i should be. she has changed my life in many ways...we have been pals since high school...we used to skip alot our senior year together and go thrifting...shh dont tell ...needless to say, we arent really "normal"...thank God:)
anyways, i just felt like writing...i get inspired and then i run with it. some people dont like me for it and for who i doesnt bother me a your dream, be fearless, take a risk.



  1. YOU are so inspiring:):) Love you!!!!!

  2. oh honey plum,
    your blog is a-may-zing
    so is your shop, naturally.

    AND SO ARE YOU. whew!

    I am flattered that you thought of me- moooo.