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Sunday, April 3, 2011

25 things to do before i turn 26 ...( i only have until Sept 10th)

1: learn to sew

2: read a book that changes my life

3: expand the shop

4: find new vintage hide-outs to raid

5: go to Boston

6: start writing a book

7: kids room makeover

8: basment cleanout (blaaah, but it must be done)

9: start designing a clothing line

10: hoard something (candy most likely)

11: figure out more about myself

12: get closer to God

13: let go of something

14: get another tattoo

15: makeover my office/studio

16: have a father/daughter day

17: get to know my sister better

18: lose that last 5 lbs that i havent yet dropped since Grady (is it ok that i dont really care much about this one)

19: try a new food

20: discover a new band

21: find joy in something new

22: paint something (a picture or a piece of furniture)

23: make plans to get the 65 Mustang (its my dream)

24: share more kindness

25: become a little less of a basketcase

26: and last but not least ....change for the better in some way...whatever that may mean