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Monday, April 4, 2011

Well Its Monday....

hey there blog readers...hope your weekend was delightful! mine was spent trying to clear my mind and try the "sweetness of doing nothing" technique...not too terribly successful but i had at least 2 hours yesterday after the kiddos were asleep that i made myself sit down, i journaled, i prayed, i cried a was refreshing...then of course a hot shower and some red to end the night. do you ever feel so extreme or even so inspired that it overwhelms you? i find that i am an extreme and even obsessive personality...its hard being me ..;) what about you? how do you handle all the things you want to accomplish and achieve ...where do you begin? i know they say start little...but here is my honest list for the week..

1: makeover the office/studio (at least begin)
2: paint a chest of drawers for the kids room
3: clean my bathroom
4: run to the shop a few times this week to make sure its all looking fab
5: list at least 20 more things on etsy
6: sign up for a sewing class
7: start a new book

yeah..its a bit much huh? on top of ALL the other daily things..yeah it may be, but i am going to try!! i know..thats how i am though and of course every other month i completely crash and dont move for the entire weekend ( this weekend was that weekend), but now i feel refreshed and it is like 80 degrees out so this day is awesome!!.... i also realized something about myself yesterday and that is that i tend to either embrace the entire moment or if i cant do that, i push feelings away and even numb myself... talk about extreme..this mama has some work to do on herself!!

thanks for listening to me vent...xoxo

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