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Thursday, May 5, 2011

heeey! so sorry its been awhile since i last wrote...alot going on!! life seems so up in the air sometimes, huh? i feel like everything is changing.....well, i have great news!...i looked back on sales in the past year and i have tripled my sales in only one! i am so thankful!...i am sooo thrilled!! dreams are starting to come true and i have many more step: learn to sew!! then expand shop more and more until i get my very own place!! heather and i will run it together....our dream is to do a vintage shop with her photography hanging on the walls and of course sell cupcakes!! it will be amazing!! soo is downtown is stocked...and etsy shop has a ton of lovelies marked down!! this lady Tammy just bought 6 pair of shoes at one time ...that is dedication, my friends!! thank you Tammy :)) and thank you to everyone who supports my is good, ya'll :)))


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