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Thursday, December 8, 2011

off for a hunt....xoxo

off on a vintage hunt road trip with my best friend Heather:) we are so excited! it is sometimes hard matching up our busy schedules to go, but it's always worth the wait. we both run our own businesses and are 120% dedicated to them!! we both LOVE what we do. She is an incredible photographer for Dream A Little Dream & loves to go on vintage hunts with me to find photo props.....and because she loves me...;) haha. ok, well, talk to you soon about all the goodies we find. we aren't returning home until my car is FILLED to the max!!! ever see American Pickers?? that's me...only with vintage clothing....also, i love Pawn Stars, Storage Wars...those shows are my favorite...that and of course Friends & Gilmore Girls ;)

xoxo Kristin