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Monday, November 5, 2012

this is me writing to God.
I was having a hard day the other day. Crying ...alot.
divorce is hard. going through all the emotions...then adding in a new love to the mix....its alot for me emotionally. i am not complaining about the new guy though because he has become my best friend and i KNOW God brought him into my life. i cant tell you how many times he has gotten my mascara & snot all over his shirts. he is so patient. so caring. i need that. i thank God for him.
The other day....i was driving and worrying....crying and worrying...THEN i look up and see the most beautiful sunset i have ever seen.
It was for me.
I lifted my hand up to God and said "Please take this....i dont have the energy or the strength for any of this"
I cant explain to you the peace that came over me.
It was like He was waiting on me to give it to Him. I usually do give my cares to Him...but for some reason the past week or so, i hadnt. I had been getting down again. The days and nights that you sit in your shower and you dont want to move....the days you get of bed but dont want to face the day. The days you understand why people want to kill themselves or why people become alcoholics. i get it. i totally get it.
What i do know, is that the temporary fixes are just that...temporary...
But my God is constant. and the fix is much greater. the high I get from His presence overwhelms me to the core.
I get it. the people hurting so bad they cant breathe. i hear you. my heart is breaking for you...and with you.
Jesus is THE fix....He is THE way. the way to a peace that astounds you...the way to a new love. the way to a new mindset...the way to life.
the way to heal a broken heart...
My heart is peaceful because of Jesus.
My heart is heavy for all of you who are hurting.
My God is my secret place....the place no one else could ever fill. the perfect completion to all my mess.
He loves my mess....He is the author of perfection...and in Him alone am i made whole again.
I want to be whole....therefore I rely on the constant.

picture taken by Elsie Larson

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