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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Yesterday would have been 8 years of marriage.
I feel like I was thrown away.
This has been a year of death.
I am happy the year is almost over.
It has tried to kill me.
For awhile there I thought it might.....

I am stronger.
I have become a completely different person.
I feel like I could handle anything now.
I have lost many friends & even family.
I have realized who my true friends really are.
The ones who have loved me, supported me...
the people who showed help carry the burdens..
to help mend the pieces with their kind words, gifts, hugs..
I would have died without them.
I am so thankful for them.
My views on love and friendships is completely different now.
I am happy about that.
It would have been 8 years.
Its over now.
Life goes on.
Sometimes you dont choose the things that happen to you, but...they still happen.
And you have two die where you are...or keep moving.
I am still breathing. I am still alive.
Pain and heartbreak make you see who you really are.
I like me.
And I know what my worth is.


  1. Beautiful! Power to you for being strong and knowing your identity in Christ ! Thank you for sharing your heart! <3

  2. Very well said! Your words have passion and power to help other people and theirI perspectives if they will just read what you are saying here. I dont catch your blog posts much but I do follow your instagrams and being a lover of photography for me those pictures tell your story.

    I have watched you climb out of that pit and into a joyful bliss of a happy life and I know you give all the credit to God and the people he has placed in your path along the way to help you along your journey.

    Im happy for you, for your kids and for whomever God places in your life to share your joy! Thanks for sharing your journey.