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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I say take the wont regret trying, even if you do fall flat on your face...
most regret comes from simply not trying. even if everyone thinks you are crazy..does it really matter? when you are old and grey looking wont matter what they thought of you. It will matter that you either tried, or you didnt.

Setting goals, working hard, playing hard, loving hard.

Isnt that what life is all about? 
Trusting God, believing in yourself, knowing who you are, knowing that God defines you..not people....realizing that being free is something you find in yourself. Freedom to be who you are. Letting go of the fear that love might leave..letting go of all of it. 
The people in your life right now are here. They may not stay and that's ok. But be in the moment with never know when someone will change their mind, stop loving just dont know...and that is ok. Knowing who you are and being confident that no matter who stays or who leaves You are You....and you matter...
If someone leaves, they weren't meant for your whole journey. Let go of the bitterness....
find out who is meant for the whole journey and fight for them...listen to your heart. You will know.
You are smarter than you think:)
I have loved and loathed this year. I hated the pain, but I loved the truth it gave me. I loved finding me in the middle of it. I honestly wouldn't change a thing. 

xoxo Kristin

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