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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Favorite Movie .....

so someone recently asked me what my all time favorite movie was.... there are so many i love, ya know...but i had to pick the Breakfast Club...this 80's movie is epic! John Hughes was also one of the best directors of all time, in my opinion.
My favorite scene is when Judd Nelson gets up and gives the dramatic and intense impression of what his home life is is an amazing, honest scene and i love it...i also love the scene when he gives Molly Ringwald his earring....( i secretly want to be her in that scene everytime i watch it...he is just so dreamy in this movie to me..i think it is the long hair, the earring, the clothes and just the bad boy vibe....haha) anyways, i am sure you have seen this, but if not check it out....then ask yourself what is your favorite movie of all time & then what is your favorite scene from the movie...and tell me if you get a chance, i would love to know!!! you can tell alot about a person by asking these ?s!! i love it!


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