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Friday, March 18, 2011

so heather and i went to cville today and spent the whole day pretty much in downtown..we ate at like every place..haha...if you know me, you know that i live for yummy foods...i love trying new food, i love eating at new places...but mostly i love revisiting those places that were so yummy i had to go back..i have mentioned Revolutionary Soup is beyond incredible...all organic farm raised foods...the menu is perfect for everyone...even those vegans out there that have a tough time finding good food at some places!! so i say 2 thumbs up for great food and great diversity!! ok, on to the next place...Christians Pizza ....and it is filled with amazing toppings...oh my...i always get the one with the avocados and the is sprinkled with cheese and the toppings are so big i have to eat them with a fork!! wow!! so go to Sweet Frog (all these places are like 20 feet from each other in the downtown right near the theater)..i have tried all the flavors ...cake batter being my favorite but today i tried the blackberry and it kicked cake batters butt!!! so i am about to sound nuts, but its only because i am saying it when others just think it...but do you have just feel like food makes it allll go away..i am totally not an emotional eater..but when i am in the presence of yummy food..all my cares go away...its a little gift from God! ....well....we did go to Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie (which are my favorite places ever)...and that is the day of fun...i did do a little thrifting too, i mean its only my other favorite thing to do besides being a mother, running Retro&Me and yummy food ;) thanks for reading ...xoxo

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