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Thursday, September 27, 2012

As I woke up this morning, I realized that I AM A MESS!!!
In fact, a bit of a basket case, if you will. You may not see it from the outside....or if you know me from afar...but if you know me would see. I am just being honest about how much I HAVE to rely on God.. ...every. day...every. minute....
...also I am seeing more and more the love my God has. How he welcomes my mess. How He embraces me my highest highs and my lowest lows...His love is endless. If you are like me, growing up in church can either be a great experience or a bad one. Why is it that the most judgemental people are those who claim to know Jesus?....I have never understood that. My view on God is this: endless waves of love....paying the price of death because He adores us so much....the lost are His mission...not to condemn, but to cherish. A God so loving that our minds cannot handle the fact. When you mess up and others point fingers, talk about you or judge you....Jesus is the one with open arms...saying "Find rest in Me, I am your faithful strength, I will never leave you, for there is nothing you could ever do to stop my love".....
That is my view...that is a God worth serving...that is what God is to me.
Faithful, constant, kind.....
If you are stubborn, like me, you fight off your feelings..even stuff them until you burst....and once you burst (because you always do, right?) may be sitting on the bathroom floor, crawled up, fetal position, balling your eyes out ...and you NEED Him....and He is right there.
He is holding you even if you don't know it...He is whispering to you "Get up, my love, you are worth so much"...He is constant.
think of constant...
constant is always.
constant is forever.
constant is unconditional.
constant is for YOU to only need to ask.
Ask and you will receive.
Knock and the door is opened to you.
Seek and you will find.
There is nothing better than a constant love.
I woke up...I felt like a mess....
I gave my cares to Him....knowing He sees me as beautiful.
I know He has got this.

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