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Sunday, September 16, 2012

I need to be held
held so, so tight
but it's in a way a person cannot do...
I need that overwhelming sense of protection, reassurance, security and peace to hold me.
I need God.
I feel alone today.
Very alone
Very sad
Very desperate...
I want to hide under the covers & hide away from the world.
I need my broken spirit to be healed.
I know I have come such a long way...but I am so broken
I am shattered and desperate.
I need God to hold me for awhile until the world is lifted off of me
I am carrying the world on my shoulders and I am sinking
I feel like I am losing
My soul faints for Him

the song below..
when I hear it ...I think of Asheville
The crumbling point in my marriage
The last string holding us together was burned there
The romantic streets & the music.....yet no romance was there.
The shell of a person that he was
The deception
The lying
I gave my trust, my forgiveness....
I gave what I had to my lifeless marriage
He was always searching for the next quest
This woman is his newest venture
If she only knew to watch out.
I feel like a stupid woman for believing the lies
For staying as long as I did.
I am not broken because I want him back..
I am broken because I carelessly gave myself to him.
I am broken because I believed lies....I put trust in him
I am trying to forget the hell he put me through....and still is putting me through
I am trying to forget everything.

I need God to hold me...and not let go.

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