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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Moving on....
Things are better. I love the rain. Its been raining here for two days.
I am getting a second chance.
A second chance to be picky, to be loved...
I am free now.
I serve the most amazing God. A God who sees my mess & adores me.
He is my completion. I am whole in him...with or without another love.
He whispers to me. He is constant. He is my steadfast. I am not afraid.
He is my faithful husband. He is my peace. He has my heart...therefore I am moving on, guarding it. Protecting my heart that belongs to God. I am not afraid. I let my past go. I let my marriage go. I set it free. 
I am joyfully moving on...letting God carry me until we hit the next destination..


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