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Thursday, August 9, 2012

anger....boy am I angry.
I am angry, then I am sad...then I am ok.
And the insane cycle continues
All I know is God is constant
Constantly loving..constantly peaceful.
Everything else I am taking day by day
hour by hour, minute by minute.
I choose to laugh at everything and anything I can.
why not...
The second I get my focus off of myself, peace follows
That is hard..I have to admit
It's so easy to stop and think "wow, this is actually happening"
But ....I am choosing to focus on God, the kids, my business
and all of my blessings...there are so, so many.
even the smallest of things.
Plus I am getting stronger everyday
I know who I am in Christ
I am worth so much more than this.
So, as angry as I am...
I am thankful


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