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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Oh how He loves us
Nothing can separate us from this Love
We can try to ignore it, we can refuse it, we can even deny it
But it's there.
Waiting, beautifully patient.
Waiting on you...waiting on me.
The ultimate Prince, the Creator, The Writer of the Written Word.
He whispers to me.
He loves me.
I fall asleep & I am not alone..
This Love has taken over.
I have been overwhelmed.
All I had to do was believe it...all I had to do was take it.
He comes in and whispers peace to the broken, the widowed, the lonely, the addict, the desperate.
He never leaves.
He is overwhelming.
He is everything. He is my every breath.
I am not afraid. I am not scared of what lies ahead.
I trust Him.
I trust in the God that never changes, never relents, never leaves.
The God who is constant, who is good, who is trustworthy.


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