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Saturday, August 25, 2012

I know I am not divorced yet, but being separated actually refreshing.
Is that weird of me to say?
I am figuring out more about myself than I ever could have before.
Don't get me wrong, the day love comes my way again, I will be open to it (with a very guarded heart) ...but for now, while I heal & process, it's nice.....
I am in a good place...
I have had many people write me about how they have stumbled here to this blog & found understanding.
I am overjoyed to hear that.
You are understood...your pain is understood. You are not alone.
This is a place of honesty...a place of soul searching...a place of ruin and recovery.
This ruin has made me so much better.
If you have stumbled upon this blog ..know it's for a reason.
Your pain is understood......and so is your joy.
The journey from pain to joy can seem so, so long...but it will come.
A few months ago, my days went on and on and on...I thought the suffering would never end.
I promise you it does...and when you finally get will look in the mirror soon after & realize YOU are worth so, so much...
It's amazing how we survive.
It's amazing how we heal.
I have been clinging to my God & my bible... & for me that is what has sped this process up ...knowing He is real...feeling that peace overtake me in the middle of a long night.
Feeling the comfort in the middle of an endless cry...
Feeling all of that pain is's made me so much stronger, so much more confident.
My husband chose a different path....I refuse to let bitterness take root in me. I refuse.
I know one day...however long it takes to get to THAT will feel whole again...the marriage I have always longed for, the love....the whole thing....but I am so complete right now...In Christ.
He has made me whole again....He has made me complete.
Anything added in the future will only be a bonus.
Whatever you may be dealing with...rather you have dealt with it already or are dealing with it right at this very moment, know that this too shall, like me, will get will rise again from the will find strength in your ruin.


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  1. I love you, Kristin! I'm so proud of you! Eating my rainbow nerds right now too! You are the best! ~Rachael