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Thursday, August 16, 2012

I started reading Eat Pray Love.
Oh I can't put it down.
This part really spoke to me.
Her journey to self-discovery is brave & admirable.
I am learning a lot from her.
Finding yourself again....Finding a new path
Allowing God is pave a new way for me
All these plans I be married, have more children
That's all changed
At least it's all on halt for awhile
Maybe I will meet another amazing guy someday and have more children
But maybe I wont
And although I can pray and hope for that
I need to be ok with ME
Just me
Just God
Just the kids
And I am finding so much joy in those things
I get to stay up late when I want
I can control the remote
Sleep in the middle of the bed
Cook or not cook
There is less laundry............
I am just trying to find the best of this mess
That does not mean I am not feeling all the other emotions
It just means I choose not to dwell on them
I choose to be joyful...I choose to trust God to lead me on
I have 10 more months of seperation ahead...I have already accepted it
I see it as 10 months of self-discovery...10 months of pain & trial...but at the same time 10 months of being carried & filled with joy by God...
10 months of finding Kristin again.....

Its 10 am on a Thursday
and I feel great!


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  1. I had read a few statuses on FB that had me "thinking" this is what was going on, but I wasn't positive, until now... I am SO sorry you are having to go through this, Kristin, but you are an amazing and beautiful person inside and out and you and your kids will be just fine! You are blessed to be surrounded by amazing family and friends... it will take time, but everything will be okay! <3 I'm here if you need anything! *Hugs!*