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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Joy may seem so impossible to you. The word may seem so foreign you wonder if you will ever reach that place. I promise you, you will. I can also promise that God is the Prince of peace, the perfect husband, the ultimate romantic, the One who can hold you at night when you feel alone, the One who can meet every need. This too, may seem foreign...just know He is there..waiting for you to call on Him if you choose to. Oh He will do for you more than you can imagine. I am living & breathing proof.

"Find rest in your souls for my yoke is easy & my burden is light"
Matthew 11:30

Doesn't that just sound peaceful and lovely? It does to me.

I dare you to move.
I know you may not want to.
I know it may seem impossible to get up out of bed, or to get up off the floor.
I know it may feel like the crying will never end.
I also know the days and nights go on forever.

If you are there, know the pain will slow, the tears will dry, the suffering will stop.
I promise.
Sadness & anger are natural, normal feelings.
I also dare you to feel them.
Not to ease the pain with alcohol/drugs....I believe with all of me that when you allow yourself to feel every ounce of that pain, you will get out of it faster & stronger.
Everyday YOU are getting stronger.
YOU, this amazing, wonderfully made person.
Get up, I dare you.

xoxo Kristin

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